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Everyday Life

In spite of the Depression, large scale community events such as parades and fairs were among the most popular entertainments in communities large and small.

The Firemen's Fair was held each July 4th in the Town of Louisa and included attractions ranging from a public wedding to bingo games.
Though the depression brought hard economic times to the inhabitants of Louisa, people still found many ways to have fun. Baseball was a popular pastime for the men in Louisa throughout the depression. This photograph shows the Louisa baseball team in 1930, and pictured are Louis V. Flanagan, Jesse J. Porter, Robert Kent Woolfolk, S.A. Cunningham, John Wesley Wright, John Lovell Smith, Roy S. Dickinson, Harry Manning Woodward, Jesse Porter Donnally, Wilmer R. Shank, John Q. Rhodes Jr., Thomas Wagner, Melvin Burnett Trice, Allen W. Flannagan, and George Leigh.
Ferncliff also had a baseball team, known as the "Swamp Rats", during the Great Depression. This picture depicts Tom Martin, Andrew "Dubbie" Harlow, Oliver Hester, Garland Carter, Franklin Carter, Alvin "Tudor" Poindexter, Jack Poindexter, and Tom Harlow.